New Orleans Saints to deliver powerhouse Small Business Program with Eleven Sports Media

The New Orleans Saints and Eleven Sports Media launched a partnership today to bring small businesses to one of the NFL’s biggest brands. Launched in the Premier League, Major League Soccer and most recently the NFL, Eleven’s award-winning partnership model will provide SMEs in New Orleans and Louisiana the opportunity to partner with global sports brands. Matt Webb, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships for the New Orleans Saints, commented: “We have seen the success of the Eleven in professional sports leagues around the world, and we are extremely proud to be developing our own program with them in New Orleans. Small businesses are the heart of our communities, and our region is known for turning these small businesses into national brands.” Matt Cairns, Founder and CEO of Eleven Sports Media, said: “The Eleven model was designed to give small businesses the opportunity to connect and align with local sports teams. Distressed communities, New Orleans certainly falls into that category. We can’t wait to bring this model and opportunity to the local market and give local businesses a shot in the arm to help them support their growth.” Cairns added: “From the moment we spoke to the Saints, it was clear their team was keen to incorporate a scheme into their wider partnership structure that was entirely focused on the small business community. We are all very excited Confident, we’ve taken some steps to bring real value to small businesses in New Orleans. Eleven Sports Media will offer a unique, comprehensive small business program that tends to be too costly and labor intensive for most teams to offer on their own. The real value delivered by the Eleven model is generated through the combination of key products and services. In addition to stadium visibility, each small business partner will receive the dedicated support needed to meet their marketing and activation needs, ensuring each brand achieves significant returns on its goals. Webb concluded: “We believe that Eleven’s award-winning model is an excellent fit for our region and can help accelerate the natural growth process for our small business partners. We are excited to bring the enthusiasm and love of this team to a new and innovative ways for the small business community.” For more information on Eleven Sports Media, please click

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